How to Setup Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings

Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings
How to Setup Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings - Hai hello... we are the master Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual and Tutorial. If you need to setup Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, you are in the right place. And if you need a tutorial Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings here we are.

How to Setup Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings

Absolutly you are the owners of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, or maybe want to know everything on this phone? When you buy this Galaxy S Series in the box contains a Quick Start Guide that should you read first. Ensure to check the S8 Battery in good conditions (when turn on the first time it's not empty) Why should you do this? aticipated S8 battery problems although the officiall Samsung guarantee it's better. After you check up the battery in good conditions, proper to charge it for the first time to fully the capacity and to know your S8 battery life.

Setup Samsung Galaxy S8

Let's turn on your Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+, by press and hold the Power buttons until the screen on, and choose the basic language to make easy to use. Then connect your phone with your account, for Samsung android absolutly Samsung ask for Samsung account even if use the Google account. Select features you want to use and complete the initial setup, and the Home screen will appear.

Connect your S8 to Wifi or you can use the internet data service by provider to import your previos data to setting up email on Samsung Galaxy. With new Galaxy S8, it's support smart switch and USB data transfer.

Understanding the recommended how to use fingers when you use the touchscreen by tapping and swiping on Galaxy S8. Next you are ready to the advanced S8 settings.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Settings
Setting the navigation bar, it's change the navigation bar’s background colour, Galaxy S8 soft button settings, and the button layout.
  • Launch the Settings app, tap Display → Navigation bar, and then select an option.
What new in this navigation:
  1. Background color: To change the navigation bar’s background colour.
  2. Unlock with Home button: Set the device to unlock the screen without swiping on the locked screen when you hard press the Home button.
  3. Button layout: Change the order of the buttons on the navigation bar.
  4. Home button sensitivity: Adjust the amount of pressure needed to use the Home button when hard pressing it.
Galaxy S8 Settings
You has learn the first time setup, and connect to Wi-Fi and network. What the next Samsung Galaxy S8 settings? Here are should you settings:
    Setup Samsung Galaxy S8
  1. Bluetooth
  2. SIM card manager (dual SIMmodels)
  3. Sounds and vibration
  4. Blue light filter
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Settings
  6. Wallpapers and themes
  7. Device maintenance
  8. Bixby
  9. Lock screen and security
  10. Set Up Voicemail On Samsung Galaxy S8
  11. Face recognition
  12. Fingerprint recognition
  13. Iris recognition
  14. Samsung Pass
  15. Secure Folder
  16. Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy to Factory Settings
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