How to Connect Samsung Gear S4 to Galaxy S8?

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S8 to Gear S4
How to Connect Samsung Gear S4 to Galaxy S8? - This is the Gear S4 user manual guide about how to connect and tutorial to use Gear S4 with your Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Gear is an app that allows you to manage your Gear wearable device. When you connect your device to the Samsung Gear, you can customise the Gear’s settings and apps.

How to Connect Samsung Gear S4 to Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Gear S4 specs with Exynos 7 Dual 7270 processor, 1.3-inch circular Super OLED always-on display has a resolution of 360 x 360 and a pixel density of 278ppi (pixels per inch). The processor is expected to make the Gear S4 smartwatch 20 percent more battery efficient. The Gear S4 release from Samsung smartwatch successor as wearable devices and This Gear S4 to be thinner than the existing device.

Samsung Gear S4 Manual

This manual guide will connect Gear S4 with your Samsung Galaxy S8 or other phone. You can use this Samsung Gear User Manual to use as a guide for Gear S2, Gear S4 too. Download and update Samsung Gear App on Play Store, then follow this instructions:
From the Samsung Galaxy S8 Home screen of your mobile device, touch the Apps icon.
    Samsung Gear S4 Manual
  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth
  2. On the Apps screen, tap Samsung → Samsung Gear.
  3. Touch the name of the Gear S4 you want to connect to.
  4. Tap CONNECT TO GEAR to connect your device to the Gear.
  5. Touch OK to confirm the Bluetooth pairing request.
  6. On your Gear S4, confirm the passkey matches the one on your mobile device. Touch the screen to confirm.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.
Note: The Samsung Gear application may be located in the Samsung folder by default on some devices.

Review the End User License Agreement, and mark the checkbox to accept all the terms and conditions. Mark the Agree to all checkbox to agree to the additional terms. Touch DONE to continue.

Gear S4 User manualReview the Samsung account information. Touch NEXT to continue.
Note: A Samsung account is required to download more applications. You will be prompted to sign in if you are not already.

Mark the checkboxes next to the notifications you want to receive on your Gear S4. Mark the checkbox above All to select all of the provided notification types. Touch OK to continue.

Your new Samsung Gear S4 is now connected and ready for use.